Phase #1 : pre-implant



The dentist must first conduct a thorough examination of your mouth. Taking X-rays and a scan is needed to reach a diagnosis of the mouth’s internal structures. These tools are used for planning a safe implant procedure.

Phase #2 : bone grafting and / or sinus lift if necessary

Bone grafting 

Intervention sometimes necessary when considering a dental implant. When the loss of a tooth happens, it results in a bone amount decrease. This graft is designed to recreate enough bone to receive a dental implant.

Sinus lift

Surgery consisting in pushing up the sinus in order to insert an implant into the bone. Following the loss of a tooth, the sinus tends to drop where the tooth’s root was located. The dentist may need to add bone powder for regenerating sufficient bone to attach a solid implant.

Phase #3 : Implant

The implant is a way to replace a tooth, a group of teeth or all of your teeth. The implant is the part which replaces the tooth’s root; it is made of titanium, a biocompatible material that lasts a very long time. This is the number one solution for people who want to recover the aesthetics, comfort and strength of their natural teeth. Perfect for someone wearing partial or complete dentures.

Phase #4 : prosthetic phase

Couronne sur implant

Crown on implants

Affixing the crown is the last step in the realization of an implant.

Prothèse sur implants

Prosthetics on implants

For complete denture wearers, this is the opportunity to position your prosthesis on dental implants to regain stability, comfort and masticatory force. The prostheses can be fixed or removable.

Pont sur implants

Bridge on implants

Ideal for replacing some teeth or all of your teeth in a fixed and sustainable way. Holds the advantage of adopting the shape of the gums like natural teeth; very aesthetic

Phase #5 : Home care

les soins à la maison

This phase is also called maintenance. This part has to be completed by the patient and is very important since home care is a key to the success and longevity of your implants.

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