Dental emergencies

Many situations can cause pain and concern, and deserve prompt attention. At Centre de santé dentaire Candiac, we will be pleased to see you as soon as possible.

Here is a list of dental emergencies:

  • Intolerable pain;
  • Acute infection: abscess, intraoral or extraoral swelling;
  • Oral trauma: dental fracture with pain, avulsed tooth (tooth expulsion), luxation (loose tooth), lacerated soft tissue, etc;
    Significant or prolonged bleeding;
  • Dental procedure requested by a specialist: e.g. for organ transplant, cancer treatment or surgery;
  • Emergency biopsy of oral tissue suspected of being malignant;
  • Assessment, treatment and follow-up of premalignant and malignant lesions;
  • Endodontic treatment :
    • Emergency endodontic treatment when pharmacological treatment has failed;
    • Repair of a defective temporary filling that seals the tooth during endodontic treatment;
  • Orthodontic treatment :
    • Removal of active orthodontic appliances
    • Removing or re-cementing partially dislodged braces;
    • Procedure to maintain treatment stability and avoid retreatment;
  • Prosthetic treatments :
    • Any complete or partial, fixed or removable, temporary or permanent prosthesis which is defective or damaged, and which creates a functional problem or which causes pain;
  • Any other situation deemed urgent by the professional.

What to do with my emergency:

Pain: take Advil and/or Tylenol and consult your dentist.

Avulsed tooth: keep the tooth in milk and consult your dentist as soon as possible for reimplantation. Take Advil or Tylenol to control pain.

Swelling of the cheeks or face: you need to be seen by a dentist as soon as possible, as an antibiotic prescription will be required.

Tooth broken by trauma: see the dentist as soon as possible for an assessment, whether you’re in pain or not.

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